Naming story - Alternative version

Naming story - Alternative version

Работа призеров III степени Фотоконкурса таблиц Д.И.Менделеева, посвященного Международному году Периодической таблицы химических элементов, XII Интернет-олимпиады по нанотехнологиям Kira Efremova (Windmill Hill Primary School) и Olga Efremova (University of Hull, Cheshire, United Kingdom)


Long, long, long ago there was a city. In the city there lived all the elements of the periodic table.

The chief element, Hydrogen, announced “Together we will make new names for the humans!”

The crowd roared in delight. Oxygen came up onto the stage and argued against Hydrogen's proposal.

“How?” exclaimed Oxygen, as he tended to react fast. “How will we make names for the humans?” Everybody agreed with Oxygen.

Selenium even shouted “What will we do?”. “How will we do it?” agreed all other elements.

Hydrogen shouted into the megaphone. “Silence! Please, silence” All of them went silent, so quiet you could hear a pin drop. “I have sent Helium to make a name generator” Hydrogen muttered angrily. And at this very moment Helium went on the stage and announced “The name generator is finished.” Everyone went hurrah.

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