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National Student Team Contest
National Student Team Contest

National Student Team Contest
Категория участников: bachelor and master students
Тип участия: Заочный
Начало конкурса: 1 декабря 2017 г.
Завершение конкурса: 20 февраля 2018 г.
Максимальный балл по конкурсу: 50

The competition among bachelor and master students of higher school in Russia considering theoretical and creative tasks in English based on nanotechnology and nanomaterials subjects. The tasks are design to select the best national team members for participation in the International Nano Olympiad (INO) contest on nanotechnology as determined by annual regulations of INO.


1. Nanopowder

The white powder A containing 9,66 wt.% of nitrogen can be prepared with high yield by Skraup reaction from 2-aminophenol. The reaction of A with lead acetate and sodium perchlorate in methanol gave the single crystals of B. The compound B has a molecular structure...

Максимальная оценка: 10

2. Plasmon resonance

Proteins in living cells perform their functions in pairs and groups. One of the methods which allows investigation of molecular interaction is surface plasmon resonance (SPR). SPR occurs when polarized light strikes an electrically conducting surface, often gold films, at the interface between two media...

Максимальная оценка: 10

3. Gold and bacteria

Unusual bacteria X excrete molecules B which bind selectively gold ions and turn them into gold nanoparticles (Fig. (a), I, for comparison are shown bacteria not producing B: cells II and III). B production increases with the iron concentration decrease in the medium...

Максимальная оценка: 10

4. Nanopuzzles

The scheme above describes the synthesis of some kind of homologous nanoobjects Z, starting from simple compounds. Schematically draw the structures of nanoobjects Z1, Z2, Z3. What are the stoichiometries for their formation reactions and what are their charges?..

Максимальная оценка: 10

5. Porous metal from ionic cluster

Metal clusters are the smallest nano-scale compounds which could be applied as precursors for mesoporous materials and metal nanoparticles. Substance A is an ionic compound with a metal cluster-anion of the general formula [(C2H5)4N]+3[X]3– which demonstrates catalytic activity in hydration reactions...

Максимальная оценка: 10
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