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National Student Team Contest
National Student Team Contest

National Student Team Contest
Категория участников: bachelor and master students
Тип участия: Заочный
Начало конкурса: 5 декабря 2016 г.
Завершение конкурса: 27 февраля 2017 г.
Максимальный балл по конкурсу: 74

A competition among bachelor and master students of higher school includes solving special tasks on nanotechnology and nanomaterials subjects in English to select the best national team members for participation in International NanoOlympic contest on nanotechnology in Iran.


1. Laser transfer of nanoparticles

One of relatively new methods of nanoparticles (NP) synthesis is so called laser transfer. The method implies an irradiation of thin film of a given material by femtosecond laser pulses...

Максимальная оценка: 6

2. Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy in biomedical applications

During the last decades surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) became a popular technique in biomedical research, since it can provide an information about single molecules inside living cells...

Максимальная оценка: 8

3. Heart studies

Cardiovascular diseases are the most wide-spread pathologies around the world and the main reason of death in most countries...

Максимальная оценка: 8

4. How to watch nanoparticles

Due to the multiple applications of various nanoparticles in biomedical research there is a high need to investigate nanoparticle interactions with cells...

Максимальная оценка: 4

5. Blood-brain barrier

The maintenance of the normal brain function is impossible without constant brain supply with O2, H2O, and necessary nutrients. Besides, it is also important to prevent penetration of many chemicals into the brain...

Максимальная оценка: 5

6. X-ray diffraction for the analysis of nanoparticles

Dr. Paul Scherrer was a Swiss physicist, who published the paper on the use of XRD to estimate crystallite size in 1918. That happened only 6 years after the first X-ray diffraction pattern was described by Laue...

Максимальная оценка: 7

7. Heating nanowires

Laser-induced effects are important in the study of nanostructures. Estimate the maximum temperature to which the isolated germanium nanowires  can be heated during t = 10 s...

Максимальная оценка: 6

8. Colored nanofilms

Young researcher Ul’yana has made a thin porous aluminum film, which was colored green (wavelength – 530 nm), if one was seeing by a normal to the film...

Максимальная оценка: 10

9. Hydrophobic solar cells

Solar cell technologies are rapidly developing nowadays. Not only efficiency of the cells is important, but also usability. So, Russian engineers decided to modify solar cells by extremely thin nanocoating...

Максимальная оценка: 8

10. Nanobattle for iron

Most of living beings can’t exist without molecules, the main function of which is to bind free iron, to transport or to store it. Typically these molecules are proteins or polypeptides derivatives...

Максимальная оценка: 12
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